SUPERB: The new Generation

Superb is the first platform gathering all the tools you need to run your restaurant, while collecting actionable insights, to give every guest a personalised experience, build relationships and increase revenue — The key to a successful restaurant.
SUPERB wanted to activate their community of restaurant mangers by showing examples of how the new generation of restaurants are doing things differently. Together, we created a web-series celebrating the new movement of young, passionate and entrepreneurial restaurateurs who dare to think differently and put everything at risk to pursue their dream of creating something unique. The ones who ultimately push boundaries and inspire the entire industry.
Mads went all-in and travelled to Japan to take on an apprenticeship to master the art of sushi. Returning home with lots of craftsmanship ready to pursue his dream making the best sushi restaurant in Europe, and ultimately change our perception of sushi. 
“It was an absurd workload from 6 o’clock in the morning to 1 at night. Luckily when working 18 hours I had a lot of time to think about how I wanted to make my restaurant.”​​​​​​​

After traveling the world, Jonas returned to his homeland to build the restaurant of his dreams. A place that challenges the existing rules of running a restaurant and follows a new sustainable way of working and cooking to ultimately perfect the experience for both guests and chefs. For Jonas, there are no limits.
“We started Etoile because we wanted to be part of changing the industry. When I came into the business it was a tough environment. The mentality was the strongest survives. You had to be pushing yourself to the limit to make sure it’s the best but it’s still not good enough.”

Shooting director, producer & editor: Daniel Debes Bruun
Agency project manager: Marianne Holst
Agency: Copus

Shot on Red Dragon & Leica summicron primes
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